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We're The Company That Takes The Time & Effort To Install Your Windows The Right Way.

Would you pour Elmer's Glue into the gas tank of a Mercedes Benz? Would you feed a world-class sprinter a greasy burgers and fries right before an Olympic race? Of course not! But did you know the overwhelming majority of windows--high quality, energy-efficient windows--are installed so poorly that they lose almost all their benefit?

Replacement Doors IL
It's true--most window companies use a primitive replacement process that's called
"Rip & Stick" in the industry; that means they rip the old window out, stick a new one in there, secure it with 4 screws and caulk, and call it good. This is a monumental problem because the underlying reasons your windows are failing in the first place are almost always related to problems with the frame. To properly install a window--and thereby gain all of the insulating properties you're paying good money for--the entire window cavity has got to be meticulously stripped bare, reconstructed where necessary, insulated properly, and finally sealed into place.

Most window companies don't do this, simply to save money. They'll pay an installer anywhere from $20 (yikes) to $90 to "rip & stick" a window. At Change Of View Windows, we insist that every window be done RIGHT . . . even though it costs more (around $200 per window) and takes longer to complete. But just like that Mercedes with glue in the gas tank, an improperly installed window won't take you very far. For more information, please watch this video on proper window installation.

Change of View
Window & Door Replacement Specialists

3682 Prairie Lake Court; Unit E
Aurora, IL 60504

Change of View is a division of J & J Construction devoted solely to window and door replacement. Located in Aurora Illinois, we proudly serve the Chicagoland, Wheaton, Oak Brook, Naperville and Downers Grove area. Our company goal is to raise the fundamental standard of window and door installation by educating and simplifying the buying process for the consumer. Change of View exclusively sells and installs Pella and Marvin windows and doors as we want only the best product possible for our customers.
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